Klantcase: CABTURE

Cabture and Samsung collaborate to improve taxi services and safety with interactive tablet solution

Galaxy Tab 4 devices with KNOX Customization heighten travel experience for passengers.


Business Issue

Companies in the transportation industry are increasingly interested in using technology to improve both the passenger experience and fleet management capabilities. Such was the case of one taxi company based in Amsterdam that wanted to provide passengers with more options to view different routes to their destinations, see fare information, find hotel and restaurant recommendations, and share feedback on drivers and service. The taxi company also wanted an easier way to generate accurate and compliant driver and vehicle logs.


Cabture_and_Samsung_taxi_case_study-2Cabture was able to meet the demands of the taxi company by delivering interactive, touch screen solutions that provide passengers with clear information on fare tracking, payment, and GPS apping. The Cabture solution on Samsung GALAXY Tab 4 10.1 devices delivers a cost-effective, back-seat tablet system and also serves as a digital advertising platform for launching targeted offers. Integrating Samsung KNOX Customization, the Cabture solution provides a stable, tightly locked-down environment that enables only those tasks and applications specifically designed for passengers and drivers.


“The SAMSUNG KNOX Customization helped us create a compelling solution for both passengers and taxi operators. Our interactive solution built on the Tab 4 creates a rich travel experience while also creating a way to offer highly targeted, one-to-one customer engagement for advertisers.” — Louaie El Rowidi, Co-founder, Cabture


With KNOX Customization, Cabture delivered a unique, tailored solution that adds value to the passenger experience and creates new advertising revenue while minimizing maintenance for drivers.
Passengers receive better in-transit service and taxi operators are able to drive more safely with fewer distractions, as passengers can turn to the tablets for specific information.

Customers have the option to view the fastest route, pay fares, and find recommendations on available businesses and services near their destinations.

Customer Challenge

Cabture needed a stable, tablet-based onboard taxi entertainment system that offered:

  • Better, safer passenger experience.
  • Easy maintenance for taxi operators.
  • Ability to generate new advertising revenue.

About Cabture

Cabture, based in Amsterdam, is focused on improving the taxi experience with onboard entertainment and advertising solutions. Their sophisticated yet easy-to-use tablet solution allows taxi operators to offer friendlier, safer, and more transparent customer service.

Now, passengers can get what they need on their own, which means drivers are less likely to be distracted and passenger safety improves.

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